Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2

Energy auditing for 28 residential properties for Evanston's NSP2

Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2) is a program funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, from which the City of Evanston was awarded $18.15 million to help stabilize two neighborhoods that have been hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. The NSP2 funds are being used to mitigate the effects of the foreclosure crisis, by returning foreclosed homes to productive use as attractive, high-quality rental and owner-occupied affordable housing for low and moderate and middle-income households.In addition, NSP2 provides economic opportunity for local businesses and residents.

The LiveEvanston program aims to acquire and/or rehabilitate 100 foreclosed housing units to provide quality, affordable owner-occupied and rental housing. So far, thirteen units are occupied; 20 are on the market for sale or for rent; and an additional 20 are being rehabbed. Units will be available through early 2013. Current for sale listings are provided at and rental listings are available at
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