Manhattan Residence

The renovation of a four-storey brownstone on 94th Street, Manhattan.

The grand upper west side brownstone has endured many transformations since first being built in 1894 as a mansion home for the well-to-do Manhattanites. The commencement of this project saw the four-storey building unintelligibly subdivided into tiny cellular offices for an Adoption Center that had outgrown its space. The first phase of the project entailed a complete gutting, down to the bare brick structure. This exposed grand spaces and restored the beautiful 19th century building to its former glory for a young family with two children. The ground floor was to be used for entertaining and display the client’s extensive art collection, while the main feature of the building, the grand stair, took on an organic modern form pulling visitor’s focus vertically through the house. The back elevation at ground level was removed, fully glazed and opened onto the garden and patio. This bold architectural statement was out of character with the rest of the gardens, which retained closed facades and this required Landmarks approval. Approval was also sought for a rooftop terrace and enclosure. Following approval, construction documentation was undertaken.
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