716 Clinton Place

An environmentally sensitive renovation of an 1894 Evanston residence for a family with three young girls

The project was carefully planned to enable the 2-level house to be a comfortable home, both spatially and thermally, without needing to expand outside of its historic envelope.

The house will be fully weatherized, with insulation added to the exterior walls, basement floor, attic, and particular care given the rim joists and top plates - often missed areas that make a great impact on energy savings. Long-term environmental impacts have been considered in the decision to refurbish all windows, install a geothermal (ground-source) heat pump, improve the north porch as a 3-season buffer zone, and replace the existing leaky layered roof with a long-lasting, light-colored metal roof. All light fixtures will be energy efficient, including the use of LED downlight cans, with the type and number of bulbs being minimized for ease of maintenance.

In an effort to reduce the use of virgin materials, many on-site elements are being reused. These include bathroom fixtures, dismantled chimney bricks for landscaping use, and refurbished and relocated hardwood doors. All woodwork is being restored, including the 7" hardwood door and window frames, original wainscoting, trim, and crown moldings. Other uses of reclaimed materials include roof slate that is rehoned to be used as kitchen flooring slate, and the roofing timber from the dismantled garage reused to face the kitchen cabinets.

The family will monitor their energy consumption and the performance of their new upgraded family home.
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